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Thank you, dear Cyrus, for this wonderful site!

Cyrus gave me this site as a present, shocking me greatly! I was in awe! I still cannot express how happy and exhilarated this present made me feel.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You did a lot for me and my photographies! You made me look at them again, to enjoy them as they were somebody elces!

And thank you, dear friends, contacts, passers-by.. for continuous support, and for making this gallery what it is.. Megashot is new for me, and I’ll be present and active here as much as I can manage.

I use Nikon F 401S and Nikon F80 - analogue cameras

AF Nikkor 18-35mm 1:3.5-4.5D
AF Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4-5.6D
Kodak 100 - 200 ASA

I use vertorama frequently..

My dear contacts and visitors!

I’ve read lots of comments, blog posts and forum topics about my photographs, whether I use photoshop or not, and should photoshop be used at all. It’s an honest question, but, as far as I’m concern, I had a goal to use photography as ‘prima materia’, a base, and through editing create a fusion of reality and vision.
I am not a photo reporter, so I don’t feel obligated to honour every detail. What I’m trying to achieve is to emphasize the whole potential of a shot, creating a sight that I'd like if existed.. And since it’s impossible in real life, I do it in virtual :))
My work is maybe more similar to ‘photo-painting’ than photography.
Join me! After all, there is a reality of everything you imagine :) If you had recognised my work, than we share the same vision, and they are yours as much as they are mine!
It’s a harmless illusion – your personal, real life reality is only a click away... :)))




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    R Gene

    R Gene

    Happy Birthday Katarina!!!  It is great to see your fantastic work! Have  FUN!!
    Posted 1036 Days Ago


    Happy Birthday Katarina have a great one 
    Posted 1036 Days Ago
    Arthur Plott

    Arthur Plottier

    Thank you for sharing your magnificent portfolio.
    Posted 1308 Days Ago
    Ulises Alarc

    Ulises Alarcon

    Katarina you are an awesome photographer. Keep up the the awesome work that inspires the world.
    Posted 1347 Days Ago
    Xavier Schne

    Xavier Schneider

    Awesome photos *-* Respect
    Posted 1369 Days Ago
    Ulises Alarc

    Ulises Alarcon

    Very nice photography. It inspires the soul and gives more purpose to see the world different and capture it's beauty. Great job.
    Posted 1385 Days Ago


    Happy Birthday! ;-)
    Posted 1401 Days Ago
    R Gene

    R Gene

    Happy Birthday Katarina!!! I have learned a great deal from seeing your work. It has been a pleasure viewing everyone of them. Enjoy your day!
    Posted 1401 Days Ago


    Happy Birthday Katarina have a great day
    Posted 1401 Days Ago


    beautiful pictures 
    Posted 1705 Days Ago